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Posted by beneva on August 15, 2017 | Last Updated: August 20, 2017 Birthday Flowers

Floral Arrangements for September Birthdays

september birthdays

Each and every birthday celebrant is special and unique, and each deserves a bouquet that reflects how amazing they are. The floral designers at Beneva Flowers are always hard at working creating beautiful arrangements, and when it comes to celebrating September birthdays, we have some great ideas for you to consider.

For instance, the birthstone of September is the sapphire, and its vivid blue color is inspiration for striking designs. Additionally, the birth flower of the month is the aster, a popular cut flower which offers the choice of many diverse colors. Which will you choose? 
Asters are related to daisies, and share the very recognizable ray petal formation. Asters bloom in late summer and early fall, making them the perfect ambassador for September birthdays – and their diversity of colors and varieties makes for unexpected designs and arrangements.

Did You Know? Asters exhibit flower heads which consist of 300 small flowers located centrally and numerous petals (ray florets) surrounding the central disk. Tiny flowers in the center of the flower head are always yellow, while surrounding petals can be white, purple, blue, lavender, red or pink colored.

September birthdays

If you are inspired by gemstones, the September sapphire is a gorgeous muse. The most valuable and coveted sapphires exhibit a brilliant blue hue, which is not often duplicated in nature. However, you can create a “sapphire blue” bouquet bu utilizing blue delphinium, as well as blue hydrangea or blue orchids which have been hybridized to show off the vivid color.

Did You Know? Although the blue color has the most value, sapphires occur naturally in a wide range of colors. The only color you will never see is red – as a “red sapphire” is known as a ruby.

Inspiration comes from many places, and this month we look to asters and sapphires when designing floral arrangements for September birthdays. As the #1 florist in Sarasota for 18 years, you can trust the team at Beneva Flowers to deliver the most beautiful bouquets, every time.