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Posted by beneva on February 5, 2018 Flowers Gifts Valentine's Day

Extra Special Designs For The Ones You Love

Valentine’s Day is all about romance. Red roses are virtually synonymous with the day. They’re beautiful, but who wants to give their significant other the same thing year after year? If you’re looking for something that’s different than any Valentine’s Day arrangement you’ve seen, and that has the extra special something you long for in a gift, then Beneva Flowers is the answer to your dreams!

Elegance and sophistication are the best words to describe Lush Deluxe, a luxury creation by our artisan floral designers. We start with a clear six-inch glass cube. We fill it with purple/ultra-violet calla lilies and white hydrangeas. We add dimension and texture with a giant Monstera and variegated leaves and thin grass-like greenery. This stunning and dramatic arrangement is sure to impress a lucky recipient. We take great care in assembling creative, unique and luxurious arrangements like this one. It will enliven any space it sits in, whether it’s an accent on a desk, a coffee table, or as the centerpiece on a small circular table.

If you’re looking for winter flowers to fill your home with a touch of winter whiteness that’s missing from our Southwestern Florida landscape, we’ve got you covered. When you need a gift for a significant person in your life – for any occasion, you can count on the experts at Beneva Flowers to help you find a thoughtful flower arrangement, plant, or gift.