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Posted by beneva on April 16, 2018 Earth Day Flowers

A Dazzling Design For Earth Day

Every year, Earth Day is celebrated in the month of April. It’s a time for paying respects to our Earthly home, which at times we can unfortunately take for granted. This year, Earth Day will be celebrated on Sunday, April 22. Beneva Flowers is here to help enhance your celebration with artistic designs from the natural world.

Our Natural Harmony arrangement is a prime example. This special flower gift makes a statement with the perfect balance of white, yellow and green hues exploding with the energies of Spring. There are white Orchids, yellow Oncidium and large white Calla lilies filling a tall, abundant arrangement that will bring radiant positive energy to any home or office.

While we should take the time to feel and express gratitude for the Earth on a regular basis, Earth Day is a very special day set aside to honor and celebrate our home. What better way to pay our respects than with a gift idea that embodies the natural beauty all around us?

The Natural Harmony arrangement is just one of the many dazzling floral gifts Beneva Flowers would recommend for the celebration of Earth Day this Spring. Browse our website to get a better sense of our entire cut flower and potted plant selection. We look forward to helping you celebrate Earth Day this Spring season! We can also assist you in finding the ideal gift for all your other holiday celebrations and special events throughout the year.