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Posted by beneva on July 12, 2017 | Last Updated: July 16, 2017 Flowers Summer Flowers

Cultivate Bonds of Friendship & Sisterhood

friendshipIn 1935, the United States Congress voted to establish National Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August. Since that time, many countries have decided to join the movement , which is now unofficially a global observance. The origin of National Sisters Day, which is celebrated on the same day, is less clear – but we find it quite fitting that the two occasions coincide. After all, many sisters are lifelong best friends, and our best friends are often like family. No matter what day of the year, Beneva Flowers helps our friends and neighbors in Sarasota to honor the most cherished people in our lives, and  August 6th gives us the platform to do so in a meaningful way.

Why It’s Great to Have a Sister: Studies have shown that people who grow up with sisters are usually much happier, more well adjusted adults. They also tend to exhibit more optimistic tendencies, and are often more charitable as a whole  – perhaps because of all the sharing that was required when they were young! friendshipExperiencing close friendship throughout our lives help to develop our personalities, and to show us how to relate to the world. Studies show that when young children have good friends (or  siblings that are close in age) that the interaction teaches them how to relate to others in all kinds of situations. As teenagers and adults, our friends will be instrumental in teaching us to prioritize tasks and responsibilities, as well as to set boundaries.  In other words, the role that siblings and friends play goes beyond companionship.  Whether your sister is your best friend – or your best friend is more like family – August 6th is the perfect day to tell her how awesome she is.

friendshipThe Official Flower of Friendship:  Yellow roses are the traditional bloom used to represent friendship. So whether you send a bouquet of yellow roses, or incorporate them into a mixed bouquet, you can be assured they are the perfect choice.

All year long, Beneva Flowers is privileged to help you convey heartfelt wishes for every occasion. No matter the reason for the bouquet – be it National Friendship Day, National Sisters Day, or any other special occasion – we are your best choice in Sarasota.