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Posted by beneva on June 28, 2017 | Last Updated: July 3, 2017 Flowers Summer Flowers

Create a Purposeful Flower Garden

flower gardenAh, summertime – in Sarasota, that guarantees critters and insects in your yard. Some, like bees and butterflies, enhance the floral atmosphere, while others are a bit peskier. Beneva Flowers has everything you need to either create a beautiful butterfly garden or attract bees with bee-friendly plants –  or even to keep aggressive bugs at bay with plants that repel insects. Talk to our floral professional about flowers and plants that serve a purpose this summer. Creating a butterfly garden is an easy way to invite these beautiful creatures into your outdoor space. Mixed with a lot of sunshine and clean water, flowers like asters, marigolds, zinnias, and goldenrod will certainly encourage butterflies to spend the day. To create a lasting home for these friendly insects, include caterpillar favorites like violets and milkweed, too!flower garden

Our beautiful Thoughts of You design is a perfect way to bring butterflies to your porch or picnic table this summer. Boasting asters and solidago (goldenrod), these bright flowers will be the center of attention. The snapdragons also have another function in this display – feeding the honey bee.

The endangered honey bee is in serious decline globally, causing growing concern- their pollination is instrumental in the growth of much of the world’s food sources.  Thankfully, it’s easy to help these busy bees thrive. Bee-friendly plants and flowers are easy to include in your summer landscape. The nectar-rich blossoms of sunflowers, blue hyssop, and black-eyed Susans are excellent summer specialties – as are snapdragons, hyacinth, and lilacs.

flower garden

Will the Bees Sting Me? Honeybees almost never sting when foraging for nectar, with most stings occurring when they feel the hive is threatened. Still, if someone is allergic or children are present, you may not wish to attract bees.

While attracting bees and butterflies will make any outdoor space more lovely, there are plenty of insects you may not want hanging around. Keep away lice, ticks, fleas and many other unwanted bugs by setting chrysanthemums in strategic places around your home. A beautiful allium plant will repel slugs, aphids, carrot flies and cabbage worms, so are great to surround a vegetable garden. Marigolds will guard against mosquitoes, so purchase several pots to protect you when enjoying a relaxing evening. flower garden

This summer, let our floral arrangements do the work for you! Naturally attract – or repel – the insects you choose with our wide variety of flowers and plants. Trust the floral experts whom Sarasota area residents have trusted for years – and don’t forget, Beneva Flowers also has a Plantscapes division to help you landscape your entire yard!