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Posted by beneva on December 13, 2013 Arrangement

Christmas Bells are Ringing…

2013-Woodland-Collection-2No not the bells of the Salvation Army stand, though they are some of the most important bells of the Christmas holiday. I am talking about the bells ringing that same old tune in your mind every time you walk out of the door for another joy-filled day of shopping. What am I going to get for Joe, my son, or the neighbor who always loans a cup of sugar at any time? You drive to the overly consumed mall with the hope that you will find just the right gift for everyone on your list. In your search, a thought comes to mind, “I can always get a gift card”!

Gift cards have become one of those (I put very little thought into), gifts that just stops giving and it has the added personal touch of a branding iron to the skin. I get it; it can be trying at times to find that just perfect gift for that one hard to buy for aunt, uncle or BFF. 

So here is a thought; why not get sensible and just go buy that gift card, or save even more time and give Beneva Flowers a call and we’ll go get the gift card for you. No shopping, no busy malls and your gift card is made personal with Beneva Flowers professional designers on the case.

First off there is no one in the world who does not enjoy flowers, be it the appearance, the fragrance or the sharpness of the design. We all love flowers! Secondly, flowers make everything seem personal. Beneva Flowers says for you; I am sorry, I love you, get better soon, I miss you and more. How much more personal can you get, even from a distance. Beneva Flowers will let you hold someone’s hand across state lines. Our flowers can give a hug to one who is all alone. Just think of what flowers have meant to you when you’ve received them.

Now here is what you do… go get that impersonal gift card or Beneva Flowers will get it for you and we will attach it to your arrangement, expressing the holiday joy and laughter of the season. All you need to do is callHoliday-Lantern-Permenant Beneva Flowers, consider a theme that will suit their personality and your shopping is done. You have Beneva Flowers in your corner. No more lost time on this gift. Beneva Flowers just gave you the gift of some time to yourself!

With flowers, the variety never ends. Buying flowers may seem overwhelming but all you need is just a thought on what you want and Beneva Flowers will do the rest. How can you not love that. Just place your order; run the errands to be done for the day. Then you stop by your Beneva flowers and pick up your perfect, just right masterpiece!  With the gift card already attached and voila you’re done.

You just totally personalized that gift card. Flowers will always outshine a box, big or small wrapped in the same paper as every other box under the tree. Why, the flowers will more than likely even outshine the tree. There are only 12 days left to get your entire list checked off. Take the burden off, run, don’t walk to Beneva Flowers, we are open late and deliver all the way up to the last day of shopping. Now you get to put your weary feet up and look forward to your easy and personal Beneva  Flowers design delivered straight to their highly decorated door. Upon arriving home, you just may find that you too, have been gifted with a real and personal Beneva Flowers sunshine gift in a vase!