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Posted by beneva on June 18, 2014 Information

The Charming Gerbera Daisy

zoom_DazzlingGerberaDaisies10041052948Gerbera daisies have an irresistible charm. Symbolic of innocence, purity, and cheerfulness, a handful of gerbera daisies creates an instant centerpiece or bouquet!

For those of us intimidated by color theory, gerbera daisies eliminate the guesswork! Their large beautiful blooms crowd hundreds of petals onto each stem, creating a living color wheel of contrasting shades in unexpected combinations. From the classic mix of chocolate, cream and pink, to the spring freshness of grass, blush and ivory, or the dramatic impact of ebony, saffron and crimson there’s a Gerbera Daisy for everyone.

Originally from South Africa, gerbera daisies were first discovered in 1880 by a Scotsman named Robert Jameson operating a gold mine in Transvaal. Also known as African Daisies or Transvaal Daisies, these stunning flowers understandably captured the imagination of plant collectors and breeders who found ways to create the exciting colors and long sturdy cut flowers stems we know today.

With as many meanings as there are colors, gerbera daisies have become a way to express a range of emotions.

• Red expresses love

• Pink conveys admiration and gratitude

• Bright orange represents warmth and happiness

• Yellow denotes cheerfulnesszoom_MoyerFlowers109112270945

• White symbolizes purity and innocence

When selecting gerbera daisies, look for round heads and unblemished petals. Be sure the stems are long and straight.

Gerbera daisies turn their heads toward the light. Keep them away from bright light to ensure they stay straight.

Gerbera daisies are thirsty flowers and do better without floral foam.

They are sensitive to fluoride, so you may want to use bottled water to fill your vase.

For more information on the gerbera daisy check out visit: Beneva’s Floral Facts.