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Celebrating our Furry Friends

furry friends

National Puppy Day was instituted 10 years ago by animal rights advocates looking to shine a spotlight on several issues – overpopulation, puppy mills, and the plight of shelter animals. The main emphasis of the day is to both celebrate the joy that a new puppy brings to our lives; as well as to encourage people to adopt rescue or shelter dogs when looking for new furry friends. At Beneva Flowers, we have whimsical floral designs perfect to acknowledge the dog lover in your life or to thank the Sarasota shelter volunteer who tirelessly works on behalf of the animals. Order one of our adorable designs, or give us a call to create a custom arrangement for a very special puppy. furry friends

Here are some interesting statistics from the ASPCA that highlight the issues we face:

* It is estimated that approximately 42% of us own dogs. However, each year, nearly 4 million dogs are surrendered to shelters

* Of the dogs that are given over to shelters, only 10% are considered to have “behavioral issues”. Moving to a new place of residence is the main reason dogs are surrendered, at 30%.

* Puppies are either born in the shelter (when a pregnant female arrives) or are brought in when found in a neglect or abuse situation.

furry friends* Each year, one-third of shelter dogs will be re-homed, and one-third will be euthanized. More dogs are returned to their owners when they come in as strays (26%) than cats (only 6%).

* Although a higher percentage of puppies are successfully adopted, only less than 30% of pet puppies in the United States are acquired from a rescue shelter.

Shelter and rescue dogs are known to be very well socialized, and great additions to families. If you are considering the addition of one or two new furry friends, the organizers of National Puppy Day encourage you to visit a local shelter – you will be quite literally saving a life.

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