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Posted by beneva on October 16, 2013 Holidays

Celebrate Your Boss

Today is Bosses’ Day!  Here are some tips about how to get along and maintain a good relationship with your boss.

Business-Man-TabletBe Proactive

It is your job to know your boss and their emotions.  Get to know your boss so that you can address issues or concerns at the proper time.  If your boss is not a morning person, try not to contact him/her too early with any non-emergency problems.   Start on making these observations and connections as soon as possible.

GoingOver-ComputerLearn from Your Boss

Your boss can be a mentor and a coach for you in your field.  They have the experience to be able to share with you to help you avoid mistakes that they may have made.  Use them as a resource.  It is likely that they will want to share their knowledge with you.

zoom_AMS138713071634050Stay Positive

Although it is difficult to do, it is important to have a good attitude at work.  Getting along with your boss and co-workers comes from having a mutual respect for one another.  One way to improve your relationship with your boss is to show your appreciation to them.  Beneva Flowers offers a variety of gifts to help you express your gratitude today!