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Posted by beneva on September 10, 2018 Plants

Care To Be Self Aware This September?

Giving and receiving plants is not only a meaningful and sweet gesture, it can also mean a world of health benefits- for both the giver and the receiver. Plants provide multiple health benefits, from mental balance to fresh oxygen. Giving a plant to someone you love can refresh their home and their life, as well as give them a focus on something to care for. If you find yourself the recipient of a new plant, count yourself blessed. Someone finds you so caring and intuitive that you’ll be sure to maintain the health of something that can’t ask for help. Beneva Flowers suggests one of our many gorgeous, lush green plants as a thoughtful gift for someone you love, or simply as a means of taking good care of yourself.

Show a loved one you care with a gorgeous Pothos Plant. This low-maintenance, fast-growing plant brings nature to you with its lush green leaves and proud height. Perfect for a new plant owner to enjoy for years.

When you care for a beautiful plant, you improve your nurturing side and build empathy for others. Surrounding yourself with plant life and natural greenery has a healing effect, and breathing fresh air is always beneficial. The floral experts at Beneva Flowers can help you choose the perfect new plant for your home or for someone you love.