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Posted by beneva on March 26, 2018 Easter Holidays

A Blooming Easter Basket

It’s time to open the windows, go on long walks and take in the fresh air; springtime has officially sprung! Our professional florists at Beneva Flowers want to help you invite a little bit of springtime’s fragrant floral meadows into your home, office or Easter celebration with unique designs featuring the prettiest blooms of the season. Whether you prefer a whimsical, playful, cheerful or elegant floral design, our professional florists have something just right for you.

Perfect for bringing your Easter egg hunt and celebration inside, our Blooming Garden Basket features playful seasonal accents including birds, Easter eggs and a generously tied bow. Arranged in a rustic wicker Easter basket, this miniature garden is made up of an arrangement of hand-selected blooming plants. Our designers choose the prettiest seasonal plants, such as delicate African violets, elegant lilies, lush bromeliads, and more in bright, cheerful hues to create a unique, custom design every time. You or your recipient will continue to enjoy the beauty of this arrangement as its plants grow and bloom again and again.

Whether you have an Easter celebration, tea party, birthday or other planned springtime event, or you simply wish to make the most of the new season in your home or office, our professional florists at Beneva Flowers can help you select the perfect bouquet, arrangement or floral accent piece to brighten your spring.