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Posted by beneva on March 3, 2014 Events

Bird Day 2014: Beneva Flowers Welcomes Orioles to Sarasota

Beneva Flowers enjoyed Bird Day AKA Bat Day with over 6,900 fans at the Ed Smith Stadium on Saturday, March 1, 2014, to cheer on the Orioles in the Grapefruit League opener against the Blue Jays. Fans were greeted at the gates by the Beneva Flowers team who gave away 1,000 birds of paradise (hyperlink to spring training article) to the first 1,000 female fans.

“This is the fourth year Beneva Flowers has been a part of opening day and definitely won’t be the last,” says Beneva Flowers owner, Art Conforti, “It is a great reason to get outside with the family and enjoy being together.”

This year’s opener the Baltimore Orioles won 9-7 with Francisco Peguero hitting a three-run triple.

Here’s to a great spring training season!

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