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Posted by beneva on January 8, 2018 Flowers Gifts

Beautiful Blooms For The Whole Year

Among the many resolutions you could make this year, here’s another: send more flowers.

Here at Beneva Flowers, you might expect we’d say that. But we’ve also put our money where our mouth is, offering six different ways to do that, whether you conclude that you’re the one who needs the flowers or that someone special does. Our main program, Flowers For A Year, guarantees that your recipient will receive a fresh batch of flowers every month, all year long.

You set the budget, and we put together a seasonal arrangement from our most beautiful blooms. If you prefer to customize your standing order a bit more, you can pick from Lilies For A Year, Blooming Plants For A Year, Orchids For A Year, Seasonal Flowers For A Year, and – for someone truly special – Roses For A Year.

This is the kind of gift that is both a surprise every month and something to anticipate. Just as one bouquet or arrangement is reaching its expiration date, another one comes in to replace it. It’s the kind of gift that sets the mood for the month, too, whether its February or August.

Use one of our Flowers For A Year gift options to ensure that your loved one (or yourself!) has a standing reminder of how important they are to you.