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Posted by beneva on June 6, 2017 | Last Updated: June 11, 2017 Information Weddings

Anniversaries & Wedding Celebrations

wedding celebrations

Experts tell us that across the United States, the most popular month for weddings is June. Of course, here in South Florida, the weather is quite different than most of the country. So although June has been deemed National Wedding Month, in Sarasota it is far from the most popular month to tie the knot. Therefore, to commemorate this occasion, we thought we would share a bit about Sarasota weddings and traditional anniversary flowers that transcend any season. Sarasota Style: The most popular times to have a wedding in our beautiful city are March through May, as well as October and November.
wedding celebrationsJune is the perfect time in Sarasota to start planning your fall wedding, so be sure to browse our Wedding Site for ideas and inspiration, then give us a call!  We are happy to help.

Of course, this year’s wedding celebrations are next year’s anniversaries  – and Beneva Flowers has a beautiful selection of Anniversary flowers for you to choose from. If you love tradition, have us design a bouquet showcasing the customary flowers for each milestone.

The first anniversary is represented by the carnation, while the second through the fifth have the cosmos, sunflower, geranium, and daisy as their ambassadors. The 6th-anniversary flower is the calla lily, the 7th is represented by the freesia, and the 8th the lilac – with the bird of paradise and the daffodil rounding out your first ten years together.
wedding celebrationsThe 15th anniversary is the rose, the 20th features the aster, and the 25th is represented beautifully by the iris. For those who spend a lifetime together, the 30th anniversary is celebrated with the lily and the 40th with the gladioli bloom.

The 50th wedding anniversary is the only milestone to have two flowers representing it – yellow roses and violets. The two flowers are beautifully complimentary, just like the happy couple. To celebrate one of these very special couples, consider a custom bouquet which blends these two flowers.

No matter the time of year, Beneva Flowers and Beneva Weddings are your best choice in Sarasota for gorgeous florals.Browse our collections or call us today – we are here to make all of your wedding celebrations more beautiful!