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Posted by beneva on August 14, 2013 | Last Updated: August 15, 2013 Arrangement Information

A Tropical Day in Paradise

Florida: hot, humid, and rainy.  Although this isn’t the ideal for people, this tropical weather is perfect for several flowers that thrive in these conditions.

birds-thumb-150x150The Bird of Paradise

Also known as crane flowers, Birds of Paradise are native to South Africa and can grow between 3 and 5 feet in height.  Their blooms are typically blue and orange and resemble an exotic bird.  These gorgeous tropical flowers can only thrive in temperatures above 50 degrees and in almost constant sunshine.



Red-ginger-thumb-150x150The Ginger Flower                                  

Although these come in a variety of colors, the red ginger flower is the one most often associated with the tropics.  These flowers are typically grown in the Caribbean or Central America but can also be grown in Southern Florida since they need ample water and sunlight.  Because of their fragrance and beauty, the ginger flower can often attract bees, butterflies, and a variety of wild birds.


heliconia-thumb-150x150The Heliconia

Being a relative of the previous two flowers, these tropical beauties can grow up to 20 feet in height!  It is hard to see a heliconia flower because it is almost always covered by their large bracts, or unique colorful leaves.  Due to their shape and color, hummingbirds love these flowers and are often one of their biggest helpers in the pollination process.



The Protea

Closely resembling a pin cushion, these unique flowers are usually grown year round in parts of South Africa.  Good thing too, since these flowers are a favorite of florists because they add nice texture to an arrangement.  The protea is just one flower in a family of over 100 different species.


anthurium-thumbnail-150x150The Anthurium

With a love of high humidity, the anthurium is actually a spathe, or waxy leaf with the “flower” growing on the spike.  These lovely red flowers have a long vase life and are given as a sign of hospitality.  Also called the “Flamingo Flower”, the anthurium thrives on the moisture and heat of a tropical environment.


Let Beneva Take You To Paradise

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