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Posted by beneva on July 18, 2019 | Last Updated: July 25, 2019 Information

5 Great Gifts For College Students

Great Gifts For College Students

As fall approaches, many college students are off to school. This is an exciting time for them to spread their wings and experience a new level of independence. You want to support them and let them know you care while giving them the tools they need to be successful. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to send college students as they start the new year, Beneva is here to offer some suggestions and ideas.


 Encouraging Flowers, Plants, And Gifts

bright pink and yellow floral arrangement with sweet bear


Encouragement Flowers Students most need to know that you care, that you’re supporting them, and that you want them to succeed. Let them know how much you love them with a Big Hug For You Bouquet. A sweet fuzzy bear cuddles up to bright yellow gerbera daisies, stargazer lilies, and pink roses for a sweet reminder of home.






three succulents in wooden box - elegant and modern succulent design



A cool, rustic design like our Simply Succulents makes a perfect desktop design for any dorm room. Your student will love the wooden box with raffia ribbon, as well as the low-maintenance succulents that will last the whole year- even when your student gets super busy.




Peace plant with snack basket



Gift your student with a breath of fresh air and a breather from studying with our Plant and Snacks Basket. This Peace Lily brings air-purifying qualities that will benefit any dorm room occupant, accompanied by assorted snacks and goodies to help them through midterms.




Gift basket full of snacks in wooden box



For a healthy dorm room picnic in style, gift your student with our Healthy Choice In Wooden Crate. This awesome combination of California pistachios, tasty dried fruit, Monterey Jack cheese, brie, and merlot cheddar cheese, plus Napa Valley mustard, dried apricots, nut and berry trail mix and three flavors of salami will give your student- and their roommates- all the sustenance they need to stay motivated throughout the semester.

Other Useful Gifts

TV Streaming device Students need a chance to unwind after a busy day of classes, but may not always catch their favorites shows when they air. With a streaming device, they can watch what they want when they want, leaving no excuses for skipping class!

Bike Help your student navigate campus easily and inexpensively with their own bike. Parking can be complicated and costly, and most campuses are bike-friendly. Plus, a little exercise between classes will really get their wheels turning. 

Desk organizer Space is at a premium in dorm rooms and shared apartments. Help your student stay organized and utilize their space efficiently with a desktop or desk drawer organizer. 

Laundry accessories Doing laundry is a huge part of college life, and many students will be using community laundromats in their dorm or apartment. Make this task easier for your student with laundry organizers,, hangers, and cute dryer balls that freshen and soften clothes.

Fill your student with love and pride when you let them know you’re thinking of them while they’re away. They’ll be glad to know they’re missed, and you’ll be confident that they have what they need (and even a few things they want). Talk to the design experts at Beneva for more great gift ideas for college students.