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Posted by beneva on February 6, 2014 Weddings

5 Creative Ways to Propose this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and this year is going to be the one to remember. Why? Because it is the year you are proposing! You have the ring and now you just need to decide how to pop the question. Here are five creative ways to help you make the moment special…

Rear view of a couple sitting on beachFOR THE BEACH BABE:  For this one you will need an accomplice. Prior to your big question you will meet up with said accomplice and carve out a shallow heart in the sand, fill it with rose petals and have them stand by the heart to ensure its perfection. Let you partner in crime know to step away from the heart when they see you coming, and to be camera ready, that way you can just “happen upon” the heart and get that photo! Once you reach that heart with your bride-to-be have her stand inside it as you go down on one knee.

FOR THE INTROVERT: Leave a single long stemmed rose on her pillow with the ring tucked inside the petals or strung on the steam with a love letter as to why you pick her.

RomanticHoldingHandsFOR THE ADVENTUROUS WOMAN: Take a dozen roses and attach memories to each one along with a clue as to where to find the next rose. Be waiting for her with the last rose in hand. When she arrives hand her the rose and propose.

FOR THE TRADITIONALIST: Make reservations at her favorite restaurant or if she doesn’t have one at a place where you will need to wear a tie. (Women love to see their honey dressed up just for them). Then send her flowers at work with a hand written invitation to dinner. Prior to your arrival at the restaurant make sure the hostess knows that you plan to propose during desert by having your server bring out champagne with your sweets. When she asks, “Why champagne?”… that’s your cue.

SurpriseforMomFOR THE FAMILY GAL: If your bride-to-be is super close to her family consider asking them to get involved by being your messengers. Give each one of them a rose with a hand written card that shares a reason why you love her throughout the day. Then have her meet you in a special spot at the end of the day to give her the last rose and the ultimate reason why you love her!

We hope these ideas help make your Valentine’s Day proposal amazing! Good luck and make sure to order your flowers early. No matter if you need the rose petals, the single long stems or dozens of flowers in her favorite shade Beneva Flowers is here to help!