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Posted by beneva on December 15, 2017 Flowers

2018’s Modern Nature

International Floral Distributors has identified four floral design trends for 2018, and though we here at Beneva Flowers are in love with them all, there’s one that really feels near and dear to our heart.

It’s a look we think we’ve perfected, and one that makes a big impact in the home. IFD calls it “Incarnation of Earths Element,” a definite mouthful, but an accurate one. This style embodies organic minimalism. It’s earthy and rustic, yet when paired with geometric shapes (or sculpted into them) becomes contemporary. We’re calling it modern nature.

A great example of this approach from our own shelves is Succulent Sphere. Here you can see how deliberate this style is, as one succulent is nestled among river rocks in a simple glass dish underneath a halo of spheres. This additional design element changes both the scale and the effect of the simple succulent piece. It becomes architectural and full of interest. 

Pieces that rely on the modern nature trend often function as artwork; rather than be placed in the center of a table to admired temporarily, these designs can be placed in spots where their intrigue is maximized. This style often adds a lot of contemplative serenity to the home. Allow us to help you bring some to yours.