Flowers and Plants for Housewarming Gifts

housewarming giftsExperts tell us that nearly 50 million people move annually, and in Sarasota, we know that many of them come here! Whether you need housewarming gifts to welcome new neighbors or to congratulate friends or family on their new purchase, Beneva Flowers has great ideas perfect for welcoming them to paradise.

Did You Know? In the days before electricity, housewarming parties were quite literally to keep the house warm – hence the term. When a newly married couple moved out on their own, friends and family would come over bearing gifts of firewood to get them through their first winter. Of course, in our part of the world, that particular custom may not have been so prevalent! 

housewarming gifts

Succulents may be the perfect choice for housewarming gifts in Florida. They are uniquely beautiful, and thrive in warm, humid climates. Beneva Flowers has succulent arrangements in various containers, like this wooden window box – and these easy care and low maintenance plants fir easily into your home decor, whether on your desk in the office, or as a coffee table adornment.

Another wonderful Sarasota choice are orchids, tropical beauties which add style and grace to any space. Their delicate form and artistic presence are elegant and sophisticated – and with a few easy steps, you can keep them thriving. We love this single phalaenopsis orchid stem in a sleek ceramic black vase, perfect for housewarming gifts. or gifts for any occasion! housewarming giftsWe see a lot of people arriving in Sarasota every day – and if you would like to be a good neighbor and welcome them to paradise, look no further than Beneva Flowers for beautiful flowers and plants which will go a long way towards making that new house, a home.