It’s Time for Spring Flowers

spring flowers

Although in Sarasota we don’t have the change of seasons like in other parts of the country, spring does bring about a fresh attitude and a new crop of beautiful flowers. Snapdragons, spray roses, stargazer lilies, hydrangea, gerbera daisies, mums – a wide variety of vivid spring blooms provide spring ambiance and vibrant color for the new season. Beneva Flowers has all of the flowers you need for every occasion, even if your reason is simply “just because it is spring!”

Did You Know? In other parts of the country. one of the very first signs that spring is imminent is the appearance of the crocus. This tenacious flower often pushes up through the snow, not willing to wait any longer to bloom. Once the crocus appears, the thaw is on its way.  Continue reading

Women’s Day Celebrations Around the World

women's dayInternational Women’s Day is a worldwide observance of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women everywhere. Recognized since in the early 1900’s, the initiative believes that no single institution, corporation, charity, or government is solely responsible for the movement. Instead, they believe that all like-minded people should stand shoulder-to-shoulder to fight for justice and equality for women, no matter where they live. International Women’s Day inspires unity, promotes reflection, supports advocacy and encourages action.

A  Worldwide Social Gathering: On March 8, men and women alike will be involved events that take place both locally and globally. The organizers of the celebration urge everyone to tell the world about their support by tagging social media posts with #BeBoldforChange. Continue reading

Floral Design Day – Meet Carmen

floral design

Floral Design Day is a day to celebrate the artistic flair and creativity of professional designers across the country. The day was originally established as a tribute to Carl Rittner, whose School of Floral Design was considered visionary and innovative, giving credence to the talent of florists everywhere and dispelling the myth that they simply “placed flowers in a vase”. Applying the concepts of the visual arts – color, texture, space and line – the industry was elevated and recognized as an artistic discipline unto itself. For those who have dedicated their lives to making other’s lives more beautiful, this is a day to be proud! Continue reading

Random Acts of Kindness Share Happiness

acts of kindness

What does random kindness look like to you? Maybe it a spontaneous, unexpected gesture that brightens someone’s day, or a planned act that catches someone off guard. Perhaps you help someone in need with groceries – or give a bouquet of daisies to the school crossing guard.  At Beneva Flowers we believe that you can express kindness in many ways, and on February 17th we are here to do just that. Random Acts of Kindness Day is almost here, and we can;t wait to cover Sarasota in compassion and generosity.

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you”. – Princess Diana Continue reading

February Celebrates National Wedding Month

National Wedding MonthAccording to the National Association of Bridal Consultants, February is National Wedding Month. While that designation makes sense in Sarasota – where we enjoy wedding ceremonies drenched in sunshine all year long – it may seem a bit confusing in colder climes. However, there are several reasons the month makes sense as one to celebrate weddings. After all, February offers us Valentine’s Day, the reigning king of the romantic holiday. Here at Beneva Flowers, romance is in the air during February and all year-round!

There will be 2.4 million weddings this year nationwide, and a great number of those couples got engaged on Valentine’s Day. However, one of the main reasons February is known as National Wedding Month is that February 14th is a top choice for a wedding day as well.  And although it only happens once every 4 years, February 29th of Leap Year is a wildly popular day for couples to tie the knot.
Continue reading

Valentine’s Flowers for Everyone

valentine's flowers With 20% of the population admitting to buying a Valentine’s Day gift for their pet, and every parent expected to provide Valentines to every student in their child’s class, it is fair to say that the holiday is not just for sweethearts anymore. In fact, while 91% of the people who buy gifts are in fact buying for their partner or spouse, billions of dollars are spent on Valentine’s flowers, candy, and gifts for many other special people in their lives. No matter who is on your list for Valentine’s Day, Beneva Flowers has everything you need.  Continue reading

Flowers to Send Your Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, now is the time to decide just how you are going to surprise your sweetheart this year. No matter the length of your relationship, flowers are an intrinsic part of the Valentine’s Day adventure – so from your first date to your golden anniversary, there is a perfect bloom for the occasion. And Beneva Flowers is here to assist you in making sure that your bouquets and arrangements are designed beautifully.

Flowers for a First Date? For a Valentine’s Day first date, absolutely! Just keep the date light and low-key, like a walk on Siesta Key or a stroll along the Bay – and have flowers that are equally unassuming. We love tulips or daisies for a hopeful new relationship – red, white and pink will be perfect!  Continue reading

Make Them Feel Better With Get Well Flowers

get well flowersThe new year will bring with it many opportunities to celebrate happy times – but also a few occasions that we may need to cheer someone up. If any of your loved ones find themselves sick or injured this year, sending get well flowers and bouquets is the perfect way to brighten their day. From floral designs to green plants – or unique gifts – Beneva Flowers has everything you’ll need to send a little Sarasota sunshine to those you love.

First, Check with the Hospital – Each medical center may have different rules about the delivery of flowers and plants, so be sure to call them to make sure that you can send your selection without an issue. Unless there is a medical reason to the contrary, you should have no problem.  Continue reading

Floral Inspiration from Birthstones

birthstonesWhen you are looking for the most beautiful bouquets and arrangements for your Sarasota celebrations of all kinds, look no further than the expertise and artistry of Beneva Flowers.

When creating floral bouquets for birthdays, there are several places that designers may derive their inspiration. Each month has two symbols which represent it – a flower, and a birthstone. The birth flower of January is the carnation, and the birthstone of January is the garnet, a deep red gemstone.  Therefore both of these elements are a wonderful place to start when designing birthday gifts for those you love. Our birthstone collection incorporates the colors of the gem into designs specifically made for each month.  Continue reading

Celebrate the Sarasota New Year

New YearThe holidays aren’t over until we celebrate New Year’s Eve. Whether watching the Pineapple drop in downtown Sarasota or tuning into Times Square from the comfort of your home, there is no denying the excitement and anticipation of the New Year. If you are looking for a way to make this special night even more beautiful, call Beneva Flowers. We are a part of many beloved Sarasota traditions, all year round.

Flowers are a meaningful way to celebrate any occasion. Although perhaps not as popular on this holiday as others, their inherent meanings make the significance of New Year’s Day even more special.  Continue reading