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Treat Yourself To Gorgeous Flowers

Our Florida lifestyle exposes us to magnificent blooms practically all year long. When the rest of the country is buried under snow, we’re basking in the sunshine and enjoying our flower gardens, beaches, and breathtaking surroundings. We give flowers to our loved ones, friends, and colleagues as gifts on a regular basis. But we rarely think of treating ourselves to flowers. At Beneva Flowers & Plantscapes, we believe that everyone deserves gorgeous flowers and that no home or workplace should be without them. Read More about Treat Yourself To Gorgeous Flowers »
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Flowers That Really Matter

The gift of flowers can touch the heart and lift the spirits any time of year. However, remembering those extra-special occasions with flowers are when your gift really counts. Birthdays are one example of a day when sending flowers from Beneva Flowers can really matter. Read More about Flowers That Really Matter »
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Flowers and Plants for Housewarming Gifts

Experts tell us that nearly 50 million people move annually, and in Sarasota, we know that many of them come here! Whether you need housewarming gifts to welcome new neighbors or to congratulate friends or family on their new purchase, Beneva Flowers has great ideas perfect for welcoming them to paradise. Did You Know? In the days before electricity, housewarming parties were quite literally to keep the house warm - hence the term. When a newly married couple moved out on their own, friends and family would come over bearing gifts of firewood to get them through their first winter. Of course, in our part of the world, that particular custom may not have been so prevalent!  Read More about Flowers and Plants for Housewarming Gifts »
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Caring for Your Indoor Green Plants

Living in Sarasota, we love bringing the outdoors in. From sunrooms to lanais, one of the most popular ways to decorate is with beautiful green and flowering plants. With only a few frost days a year, we can keep our plants thriving year-round. But even if you do not have a green thumb, the experts at Beneva Flowers have the expertise and advice that you need to fill your environment with beauty - not to mention, the highest quality green and flowering plants! Don't Forget! Administrative Professionals Week is coming up, beginning April 23rd! Plants make an exceptional office gift - check out our collection here. Read More about Caring for Your Indoor Green Plants »
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Administrative Professionals Week Gifts

There are many elements needed to operate a successful business, and most executives understand that having the right employees is critical to their success. Whether answering the phones, greeting customers, or entering data, administrative professionals keep operations running like a well-oiled machine. Therefore it seems appropriate that we should set aside a whole week to acknowledge these dedicated individuals. National Administrative Professionals Week is your annual opportunity to say “Thank You!” for all they do. No matter what type of Sarasota business you run, convey your appreciation to your administrative pros with a floral arrangement, green plant, or delicious gift from Beneva Flowers.  Read More about Administrative Professionals Week Gifts »
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Easter Flowers, Arrangements & Centerpieces

Sarasota is a celebration of color year-round, but we especially love the Easter flowers, with their vivid palettes and beautiful presentation. There is nothing boring about these bouquets - pink roses, yellow daisies, and orange lilies ensure that arrangements are energetic and fresh. If you are looking for the perfect way to send well wishes on Easter, look no further than Beneva Flowers. Whether a bouquet for Mom, a dish garden for your boss or a centerpiece for your hostess, there is something for everyone in Beneva Flowers' Easter collection. Read More about Easter Flowers, Arrangements & Centerpieces »
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Celebrating our Furry Friends

National Puppy Day was instituted 10 years ago by animal rights advocates looking to shine a spotlight on several issues - overpopulation, puppy mills, and the plight of shelter animals. The main emphasis of the day is to both celebrate the joy that a new puppy brings to our lives; as well as to encourage people to adopt rescue or shelter dogs when looking for new furry friends. At Beneva Flowers, we have whimsical floral designs perfect to acknowledge the dog lover in your life or to thank the Sarasota shelter volunteer who tirelessly works on behalf of the animals. Order one of our adorable designs, or give us a call to create a custom arrangement for a very special puppy.  Read More about Celebrating our Furry Friends »
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Floral Design Day – Meet Carmen

Floral Design Day is a day to celebrate the artistic flair and creativity of professional designers across the country. The day was originally established as a tribute to Carl Rittner, whose School of Floral Design was considered visionary and innovative, giving credence to the talent of florists everywhere and dispelling the myth that they simply "placed flowers in a vase". Applying the concepts of the visual arts - color, texture, space and line - the industry was elevated and recognized as an artistic discipline unto itself. For those who have dedicated their lives to making other's lives more beautiful, this is a day to be proud! Read More about Floral Design Day – Meet Carmen »
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Random Acts of Kindness Share Happiness

What does random kindness look like to you? Maybe it a spontaneous, unexpected gesture that brightens someone’s day, or a planned act that catches someone off guard. Perhaps you help someone in need with groceries - or give a bouquet of daisies to the school crossing guard.  At Beneva Flowers we believe that you can express kindness in many ways, and on February 17th we are here to do just that. Random Acts of Kindness Day is almost here, and we can;t wait to cover Sarasota in compassion and generosity. "Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you". - Princess Diana Read More about Random Acts of Kindness Share Happiness »
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