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How Fresh Flowers Are Used to Honor America’s Birthday

The 4th of July honors America’s independence from England in 1776 and the official birth of our nation. Since then, this holiday has been celebrated in one form or another, with today’s festivities including backyard BBQs, outdoor concerts, parades, fireworks,… Read More about How Fresh Flowers Are Used to Honor America’s Birthday »

Honor Sacrifice On Memorial Day

As Memorial Day approaches we are ready to celebrate and remember the lives given in service to our country with beautiful flowers that remind us of the patriotic spirit this country was founded upon. Those who have served, protected and died in the defense of our country and protection of our freedoms should be remembered. Honor them and show your gratitude for their sacrifice with a beautiful bouquet of patriotic floral designs that remind us all of their heroism. The floral experts at Beneva Flowers are happy to showcase some of our beautiful red, white and blue designs, specifically for patriotic occasions like Memorial Day. Read More about Honor Sacrifice On Memorial Day »
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Honoring Our Heroes On Memorial Day

Here at Beneva Flowers, we are often called upon to provide the flowers and plants for bereavement services and ceremonies. It's a privilege every time, and no more than in the case of the men and women who gave their lives in sacrifice to our country. Recently, our floral designs were displayed at the funeral of one of the last remaining survivors of the USS Indianapolis, a military veteran deserving of every accolade. On Memorial Day, we remember those military men and women who died while in service. We attend parades, ceremonies and even gatherings in the home to mark this poignant occasion. Read More about Honoring Our Heroes On Memorial Day »
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Memorial Day Floral Arrangements

Although Memorial Day originated following the Civil War (when it was named Decoration Day), the sentiment of honor and respect has remained intact. This day has always been set apart as a day of remembrance, and continues to give us a chance to not only show esteem to those who paid the ultimate price for freedom, but to extend sympathy and compassion to spouses, siblings, or parents who may be mourning a loss. No matter who you wish to recognize on Memorial Day, you can count on Beneva Flowers to provide the beautiful floral arrangements you'll need to commemorate the occasion. Memorial Day in Sarasota - On Sarasota, May 27 at 7:45 a.m. join other residents at the Sarasota National Cemetery to place flags at veteran's grave sites. The Sarasota Memorial Day Parade is at 10 a.m. on May 29, and will pay special tribute to the Battle of Midway Veterans as the 75th anniversary of the battle is recognized. Parade travels down Main Street from Osprey to Gulf Stream.  Read More about Memorial Day Floral Arrangements »
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