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A Gift For Every Occasion

We know you recognize Beneva Flowers as an excellent resource for beautiful cut flowers and floral designs. Did you also know that we carry a wide variety of gifts for every occasion? Remember that giving the perfect gift is all about timing, style and presentation. Make sure the gift you give arrives in a timely fashion for the occasion being celebrated. The style of the design should match the recipient's personality- let them know how well you know and love them. Finally, presentation is everything when giving a great gift. Create a sense of anticipation when your gift looks fabulous before it's even been opened. With gifts from Beneva Flowers, you can choose a stand-alone design or add-on to one of our gorgeous floral bouquets. The possibilities are truly endless. So, take a look at our entire line and choose something perfect for your next special occasion. Read More about A Gift For Every Occasion »
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Exciting New Floral Trends

We are happy to announce some exciting new floral trends on the fashion front this season! The Floral Trends Forecast for 2019 has been published and it includes some amazing new looks. One of our favorites, Ethereal Bliss, pulls inspiration from another world with its minimalistic design and elegant warmth. This combination of soft pink (this year's new neutral) along with rich brown and gray base tones mingle with natural textures like wood grain, bronze and leather for a look you will love. Find this mythical trend of shimmering finishes and time-worn elegance at Beneva Flowers as we create floral bouquets from the inspiration of Ethereal Bliss.  Read More about Exciting New Floral Trends »
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Gift Baskets for Incredible Hosts

We here at Beneva Flowers never turn down an opportunity to promote flowers as the best gift you could give, or receive, for that matter. But sometimes it's fun to mix it up a bit. One of those times is during Thanksgiving. Like many Americans, you may not be spending Thanksgiving in your own home, but instead going to someone else's. And while you may be contributing an item to the holiday menu, your host or hostess is likely working overtime to provide you and the other guests with a glorious spread and a gorgeous table, along with snacks, drinks, dessert and decor. It's for this very reason that it's customary to offer them a host or hostess gift. Read More about Gift Baskets for Incredible Hosts »
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