Dorm Room Decorating for Your Student

dorm room decorating

There are many things to consider when going away to school – and dorm room decorating is just one of them, With so many things on your to-do list (and because you are most likely feeling a little nervous as well) the staff at Beneva Flowers is here to help. We have some great ideas that will brighten your dorm space – some classic, some unique and some that are sure to spark a conversation with your new roommates!

Getting Started: Aside from your most comfortable pillow, favorite posters, and a photo or two from home, the quickest way to add the special something to your new room is with a green plant. Not only do these awesome plants help to keep the air clean and free of toxins, but they immediately make any space feel more homey and comfortable.  Continue reading

Back to School – A Perfect Time for Flowers!

Back to school. Decorative kids round emblem poster. Flat. Vector illustrationIt’s that time of year once again – summer vacations are winding down and school is back in session (or will be very soon). Whether you’re excited about this time or year or are already missing the hustle and bustle of summer activities, it’s an excellent opportunity to start anew. It’s a special time of year with a clean slate or new memories to be made and new friendships to formed, so why not take the time to celebrate the occasion – and what better way to celebrate than with flowers?

No matter what you role you play in the start of a new school year, there are plenty of opportunities to spread some cheer with some fresh flowers or plants. Here are a few ideas:

Apples are so cliché

Why does nearly every illustration of a classroom depict a big, juicy apple on top of the teacher’s desk? It may be a nice gesture in theory, but in reality, it pales in comparison to a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Even better would be a lovely green plant that would last the entire year.

Teacher of the Year from Beneva Flowers

Teacher of the Year from Beneva Flowers

It takes a village

Most people immediately think of teachers when they think of school, but it takes a finely tuned machine comprised of dozens (or even hundreds) of people to make a school run smoothly. From bus drivers to librarians and administrators to custodians – and everyone in between; there are many behind-the-scenes areas where people spend their time. Why not make these spaces special with some pretty petals?

Empty nest? Fill it with flowers

With kids back at school, the house is probably a lot quieter this time of year – which makes this an excellent reason to treat mom and dad to some beautiful flowers. They’ll appreciate the gesture and it’s a nice way of saying thanks for all their time spent on summer activities. Conversely, if you have older students leaving home for school, what better way to warm up their dorm or apartment with beautiful flowers and plants?

Whatever the reason, flowers are the perfect way to make someone’s day a little brighter. Beneva Flowers can help you find the perfect gift for any occasion, whether it’s school-related, a birthday or anniversary, or just something out of the blue. Give us a call today – we’ll take care of the rest.

Back to School Flowers & Gifts

schoolsunflowersAs summer winds down and kids across the state head back to school now is the perfect time to send flowers to your favorite teacher or student. Here are a few ideas to start the new school year off right:benevablog2

  • Upgrade the apple – Giving an apple to the teacher may win some brownie points for a few days, but just think how much goodwill an entire fruit basket will earn you!
  • Decorate the desk – Teachers have been busy preparing the classroom for the upcoming year. Help them add that perfecting finishing touch with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for their desk.
  • Plant an idea – Plants are known to reduce stress, increase concentration and enhance memory, what better place for that than in the classroom?
  • Inspire the dorm – It takes a lot of work to decorate a dorm room and make it look just right. Inspire some creative design decisions with a lovely bouquet of favorite flowers.
  • Don’t forget mom and dad – With students hanging out all at home all summer, mom and dad’s house was probably a busy place. Now that things have settled down, treat them to a gift basket to help them unwind.

No matter what the circumstance, Beneva Flowers can help with all of your back-to-school floral and gift needs. Study our website or give us a call and let us help you with your homework of finding the perfect gift for your favorite teacher or student.

Back to School Basket Basics

Gift baskets aren’t for adults only, get your kid in on the action before they head back to school. It’s just the right thing to spark their creativity and give it direction before they step foot in the classroom. Both, boy and girl gift baskets include crayons, coloring pencils, coloring books, project kits and more.

It will provide a wonderful transition from the summertime playgrounds into the classroom setting. I encourage you to sit down with your child and participate in the activities with them. If you are busy preparing carpools and lunches the baskets will keep them busy for hours while they enjoy playing with their new crafts and toys.

Can’t choose what child to buy a basket for? Try this one (pictured below) with partner games and fun craft ideas. Make your child’s day and your back to school schedule a little less hectic with a Beneva Basket.

-YOUR team at Beneva Flowers

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Sarasota Students Return to the Classroom

The 2008 Fall School season begins on August 18 for all Sarasota County students. For those of you looking for official start times for the local elementary, middle or high school in your area, click here to view all Sarasota County Schools.

To Help celebrate your child’s first day at a new school or their final year before heading off to college, send them an compact floral arrangement or a special snack pack

While most of us will spend the next few weeks worried about getting the kids back to school don’t forget to take the time to let the teacher in your life, know how much you appreciate all their efforts in preparing for the school year, by sending them a special “Thank You”