Make Them Smile Just Because

just becauseSometimes our lives can be entirely too practical. We have routines and schedules, appointments and rituals. Our days are ordered and efficient – but did you ever long to just kick off your shoes and run free? August 27th gives us a great opportunity to cast off some restraint and try something “just because” – whether it is to attempt a new hobby, indulge in a guilty pleasure, or to surprise someone with a kind gesture for no reason other than to make them smile. Just Because Day gives us the perfect excuse to do whatever we like – and the team at Beneva Flowers thinks that is a great idea.

Giving flowers is often tied to a specific occasion, so have a bouquet delivered “just because” is a beautiful way to not only live it up a little, but to completely make someone’s day. 

just because

Here are a few of our favorite ideas to celebrate “just because” day –

* Bring your neighbor some cookies.
* Go to the movies in the middle of the day.
* Pay for the next person’s lunch at the drive-through.
* Send flowers to your child’s teacher.
* Head to the beach during your lunch break, and don’t worry about bringing sand back into the office.
* Send a thank you note to first-responders, teachers, or the barista who makes your coffee every morning.
* Bring some bright balloons and loose stems of flowers to a local nursing home.
* Buy yourself some flowers! just becauseWe all do things every day for good reason, or out of a sense of duty or obligation. On August 27, do something impractical, unexpected, or even a little crazy! Just Because Day gives you permission.

The floral designers at Beneva Flowers deliver bouquets and arrangements throughout the Sarasota area for a variety of reasons, but we especially love flowers delivered “just because”.