Flowers for National Romance Month

romance month

Love is a year-round affair, and that is why we are excited that August is National Romance Month  – it gives us an opportunity to remind our significant other that they are amazing! True love and flowers just go together, and so the experts at Beneva Flowers thought we would fill you in on a little bit of love and romance trivia that will inspire you to share the love this August. Why wait until Valentine’s Day? This is a great month for romance.

romance month

Flowers Say It Best: Red roses are well known as the universal flower of romance and passion. But did you know that there are many other flowers which represent different types of love? For instance, if you want to declare undying devotion, you can send red tulips. An orange blossom bouquet signifies eternal love, and the ivy plant stands for marital love. Orchids represent love and beauty. and the peony expresses marital bliss. With so many choices, it should be easy to convey your romantic feelings to your partner.

The Start of Something Beautiful: Approximately 10,000 marriages a year are thought to be attributed to a single humble beginning- sharing a cup of coffee. So if you met for a casual cup but felt some sparks, perhaps you should bring some flowers the next time you meet up at your favorite coffee shop.

Love & Chocolate: It’s true, there is a natural element in chocolate which causes the brain to react the same way it does when you are falling in love. Therefore, a box of chocolates is a natural romantic gift.

Modern Romance, by the Numbers: 40% of single Americans are looking for love in cyber space, and 20% of current marriages represent those who met through online dating sites. While this once unconventional way of meeting has become the norm, some other traditions are falling by the wayside. Only 4% of prospective spouses ask parents for permission to wed, and only 20% of men will get down on one knee to pop the question.

August is National Romance Month, and the perfect chance to surprise your beloved with flowers which convey your affection. Love is in the air in Sarasota, and Beneva Flowers is here to help you to express it.