Celebrating Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day

On September 10, the country will celebrate Grandparents Day. This is a time set aside to not only give gratitude to our elder generation, but to encourage the sharing of stories, wisdom, and family history. The brainchild of Marian McQuade, the vision behind the movement is that families would plan gatherings, hold reunions, or participate in community events together in order to foster the ideals of close family and legacy.

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The role of grandparent has changed over the years, but one thing never seems to change – most grandparents will tell you that the role is the most fulfilling one they have ever experienced! The birth of a grandchild seems to have a healing effect across the entire family as well – not only do grandparents bond with the new arrival, but studies show that the event often improves the relationship with their adult children as well.

Gifts from Grandpa: While grandparents have always been good for a few extra dollars, it seems modern grandparents are taking spoiling to a whole new level. Over $52 billion will be spent annually on gifts for grandchildren, and $32 billion will be spent by grandparents to help pay for their grandchild’s education.

Grandparents Day Flip the Script: Grandmas are generally happy to provide cookies – why not send her a festive gift of appreciation which allows her to have a delicious break?

Cultures have treated grandparents differently over the years, with some societies living in multi-generational homes and others tending to separate from their parents as adults. In the United States, we are seeing a return to the former ways, with approximately 38& of households headed up by a grandparent.

Whether you call them Nana, Papa, Gigi or Gramps – there is no denying that they hold a special place in your heart. September 10 is Grandparents Day, and it is the perfect opportunity to express your love. If everyone lives in Sarasota, take them out for a beautiful brunch or Bay cruise – and don’t forget a bouquet or gift from Beneva Flowers!