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Experts tell us that across the United States, the most popular month for weddings is June. Of course, here in South Florida, the weather is quite different than most of the country. So although June has been deemed National Wedding Month, in Sarasota it is far from the most popular month to tie the knot. Therefore, to commemorate this occasion, we thought we would share a bit about Sarasota weddings and traditional anniversary flowers that transcend any season.  Continue reading

February Celebrates National Wedding Month

National Wedding MonthAccording to the National Association of Bridal Consultants, February is National Wedding Month. While that designation makes sense in Sarasota – where we enjoy wedding ceremonies drenched in sunshine all year long – it may seem a bit confusing in colder climes. However, there are several reasons the month makes sense as one to celebrate weddings. After all, February offers us Valentine’s Day, the reigning king of the romantic holiday. Here at Beneva Flowers, romance is in the air during February and all year-round!

There will be 2.4 million weddings this year nationwide, and a great number of those couples got engaged on Valentine’s Day. However, one of the main reasons February is known as National Wedding Month is that February 14th is a top choice for a wedding day as well.  And although it only happens once every 4 years, February 29th of Leap Year is a wildly popular day for couples to tie the knot.
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Your Comprehensive Guide to the Hottest Wedding Trends for 2016

This year’s wedding season kicks off with some bold new looks and time-honored trends. From the wildly popular use of copper and rose gold metallic decor to the tone-on-tone or monochromatic effects of colors and natural textures, let the professional wedding designers at Beneva Flowers help you create a ceremony that is truly a one-of-a-kind reflection of your style and personality.

Here is some inspiration from some of the hottest wedding trends of 2016, and tips on how you can make your special day one that will never be forgotten.

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Nik Wallenda’s Vow Renewal

This past weekend Beneva Flowers was honored to provide flowers for the “King of the High Wire,” Nik Wallenda and his wife, Erendira’s vow renewal. The couple originally married January 3, 2000 at the Sarasota County Courthouse. For their renewal ceremony, they chose the stunning location of the Cà d’Zan at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. Not ones to shy away from the spotlight, the Wallenda’s renewal was also filmed by TLC for a special episode called, “Say Yes To The Dress: The Big Day,” which will air on May 29th, 2015. Until then, here are a few photos of the arrangements we created.

10922748_10204779565043159_3239313194859974137_nAs you can see, we focused on flowers that would complement the vintage appeal of lace, burlap and pearls chosen by the Wallendas.10888791_10204779565283165_6408866009754537809_nWe chose vases of various sizes and shapes filled with garden roses in white and peach along with pink peonies to provide a soft and intimate feel for the tables.

_MG_7538  10923289_10204779564763152_6016180170668826098_nThank you Nik and Erendira Wallenda for choosing Beneva Flowers. We wish many more years of happiness together.

Beneva’s Big Sister Bridal Guide Series 8 of 8: What You Can’t Forget The Day Before Your Wedding

hailey and kyle

Less than 24 hours and my little sister will be a MRS! Wow, it feels like just yesterday that my parents told me that they were having a baby and I was crying, “But, I don’t want to be a baby sitter.” Today, I keep catching myself looking at my sister thinking about what an amazing woman she is and how lucky I am to have her in my life. Can you tell I am a bit emotional? I am sure you are too, but enough of the sentiments, let’s discuss what still needs to be done to pull this wedding of a lifetime off.

If you’ve followed along the last few weeks you should feel satisfied with the progress and your overall task list should be complete. This will allow you to enjoy today as family and friends arrive. Before you head off to get your nails done or brunch with the ladies there are a few tasks you will want to complete.

1. Confirm your transportation: It takes just a quick call and will give you the peace of mind you need to relax.

2. Prepare the tip envelopes for your vendors: When these are completed, hand them off to your day of coordinator.

The rest of your day will need to include rehearsal and dinner, which is the perfect time to give gifts to your bridesmaids and groomsmen if you haven’t already.

Our Final Tip: Make sure to eat, get a good night’s rest and enjoy yourself!

Beneva’s Big Sister Bridal Guide Series: 7 of 8 How to Create Your Wedding Day Itinerary

checking list







One week before the wedding and my sister and I couldn’t be more excited! She’s got her dress and we found the cutest yellow bow-tie and suspenders for my son, the ring bearer. Now is the perfect time to double check the “to do” list. Are the vows done? Did the wedding toasts get written? Once those tasks are complete the next step is to sit down with the day of wedding coordinator. They can be a trusted friend/family member or a hired professional. My little sister asked me to be her day of coordinator.

Here’s how we chose to create the itinerary for the day:

Supplies: Paper, pencils, highlighter.
• On one piece of paper mark off the hours in the day.
• Write in the time of the ceremony and the time dinner will be served.
• On another piece of paper, write down all the possible tasks of the day.
• Go through and highlight the most important tasks, such as when the vendors are scheduled to arrive. Insert those into the master itinerary.
• Repeat the previous task by level of importance until every task is assigned a time.
• Then take a break and come back to it with fresh eyes. What was missed?
• Ask another person to double check it.
• Lastly, type up the itinerary and print up a few copies. One for the bride just in case and two for the coordinator.

TIP: Let the coordinator choose a support person that you both trust. This will give them someone to lean on and allow you to enjoy your day even more.

Local Brides Consider These Vendors:

(If you don’t have a day of coordinator and think you want a pro don’t be afraid to reach out)


Event Planners

NEXT WEEK’S TOPIC: What You Can’t Forget the Day Before Your Wedding

Beneva’s Big Sister Bridal Guide 6 of 8: Finalizing Your Seating Chart without Tears


Making everyone happy on your wedding day can often feel like an overwhelming task especially when it comes to creating the seating arrangements. With the countdown hitting almost single digits this project can feel like a sudden death round of Tetris when you add in the emotions. Questions start to arise like…do you put your overly organic college roommate next to your sweetheart’s perfectly proper Aunt Matilda? Or how about your super conservative boss, should he sit with your new brother-in- law and family? What do you do when you have multiple sets of parents, who don’t exactly play Bunco together? Consider this a rite of passage my dear bride, at least that is what I told my little sister when she called after a “tiff” with her fiancé about their seating arrangements.

“I am just going to let everyone sit wherever they want!” She huffed during one of our late night calls. I metaphorically nodded, as I tried to think back to what I did. “You could,” I answered, “but then the reception might feel a bit like the junior high lunch room with cliques.” After a long pause I realized that wasn’t the answer she wanted.

“What else am I supposed to do?” She retorted.

Steps for Taking the Tears and Headache Out of Your Seating Chart

1. Gather all your RSVPs. This should be done and finalized this week anyway, so you can get your final headcount to the caterer.
2. Note how many people can be seated at one table.
Standard Round Table 60”: seats 8 comfortably
Rectangle 6’ by 30”: seats 6-8 dependent on if you want someone on the ends
3. For those who prefer digital tools, we have heard good things about WeddingWire’s seating chart tool. However if you want to make it really simple, grab a pack of sticky notes and a few sheets of paper. Cut the sheets of paper in quarters until you have your total number of tables. Then take the sticky notes and write the names of all your guests.
4. Start sticking guests down in groups of two until you feel satisfied. Then take a picture and ask your closet friends and a parent from each side for their opinion. This will help you discover things like; your parents would prefer to sit with their neighbors not their cousins.
5. Once you feel satisfied, create your place cards or board displaying assigned seats for your reception.

Other Things to Consider

• Everyone should know at least one person at their table well.
• Allow those that won’t know anyone, but you or your fiancé, to bring a plus one even if you are discouraging plus ones for the rest of your guests.
• Seat yourself and your fiancé in the middle of the room that way no one feels like they got the cheap seats.

REMEMBER: Everyone is going to have a great time, relax.

Other Tasks To Accomplish This Week Are:
• Blood tests (if required by state)
• Get your marriage license
• Book house/pet sitter for honeymoon

Local Brides Consider These Local Vendors:


Event & Wedding Planners

Next Week’s Topic: How to Create Your Wedding Day Agenda

Beneva’s Big Sister Bridal Guide 5 of 8: How to Write Your Wedding Vows

vows“What do you say to someone when you are promising them forever?” my little sister asks during a recent phone conversation. My response was not shocking or exceptional, “Well, no one can tell you how to write your own vows, if that is the way you want to go. Your wedding vows are the whole point behind having a ceremony, so this is obviously not a task to take lightly.” Here’s Beneva’s big sister step by step process to get your vow writing juices going.

Before You Begin…

Being that you are a modern bride, chances are you have googled for examples already. If you haven’t this is definitely the first step. Take time to read through and really consider the tone and style of vows that are out there. Do you like vows that are more free form or is poetic more your style? Then, talk to your fiancé about the style that they like. Having complementary vows will make the overall ceremony more fluid.

Time to Write…

Jot down notes: Take your time and reflect on the significant moments in your relationship, the things that you love most about your soon to be spouse and how they make you feel about yourself.
Come up with promises: This is after all what a vow is all about. Really consider what you will be doing as their spouse. Do you promise to always to support them in their dreams or do you vow not to keep score even if you are winning?
Write it out: When you have your ideas flowing use the tried and true elementary tactic of just writing it out. Then read it out loud to edit the cheese ball phrases and alter the errors. Most vows are no longer than 1-2 minutes. Simplicity is key.

Other Tasks For This Week:

• Determine what readings you will have in your ceremony (and who will read them)
• Finalize your menu
• Final dress fitting
• Dry run of makeup and hair

Local Brides Check Out These Vendors:

Salons and Spas

Salons and Spas

Beneva’s Big Sister Bridal Guide Series 4 of 8: How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Floral-Arc-CoupleOne of the pivotal decisions that must be made by a bride and groom when planning their special day is the photographer. As I mentioned before my little sister and I are very different and so are the times. 10 years between weddings definitely calls for changes in trends and styles, but one thing that has stayed the same is how personal the photographer choice is. If you really think about it, this person will be hanging around you and your guests for a whole day. They need to be assertive enough to capture a moment with strangers, but mellow enough to provoke easy smiles. With that being said, here are a few other things to consider when choosing that special someone…

Choose a Style:
Just like there are various bridal bouquet styles there are several artistic directions a photographer can take. Most would say they have their own style, but it helps to at least narrow down a general feeling you desire for your images. Here are a few to consider…

Documentary has a more photo journalistic approach and is probably the most common today. This style Bride-Squating-Bouquetfeatures very few photos of people looking at the camera and provokes the overall story of the day.
Portraiture is a more posed style with family and attendants. This is similar to what your parents had, but they can have a modern flair depending on the setting.
Fine Art gives the photographer more artistic license to portray your wedding through their eyes. These photos could be shot at angle or they might focus on the hand of the makeup artist as they apply your makeup instead of your face.

Get Recommendations and Check Out Reviews:

Ultimately photographers are vendors you hire, so like the other companies you have contracted with we suggest getting personal recommendations and check out local vendor sites.

Set Up Interviews:

After you have 3-5 possibilities, call and schedule interviews. If they are not available for your wedding date ask for associate recommendations.

During the interviews:

• Make sure your personalities don’t clash
• Review full wedding albums, not just their highlight reel
• Compare packages

Don’t forget to ask about:

• Shooting fee
• What is in each package
• Additional costs like special effects or an engagement shoot
• Your rights: In most contracts, photographers own the rights to all photos they take. If you want to order photos from another source you’ll probably have to buy the rights to the images.
• Post wedding details: How long does it take to get proofs of your images? How many images should you expect? When are the photos retouched? Is that prior to getting your proofs or after you selecting your images?

Other Tasks For This Week Include:

Reserving transportation, picking music, buying your attendant gifts and telling that sweet fiancé of yours to reserve a suite for your wedding night

Local Brides Check Out These Vendors:











Renting Equipment Made Easy: Beneva’s Big Sister Bridal Guide Series 3 of 8

Backyard wedding BenevaIt has finally happened, the meltdown, that moment where my little sister realized what an undertaking wedding planning can be. She has booked her venue and vendors, but she has no idea what she needs to rent to make her big day exceptional. I remember this part being a big ominous when I planned my wedding, but because that was several years ago I decided to consult our wedding and event coordinator, Doris again for advice.

“Renting equipment doesn’t just include tables and chairs for your reception. You can also rent silk plants, candelabras, and ceremony extras like arches, for example,” Doris pointed out during my late night phone call. There are a few steps she suggests brides take…

Choose a Reputable Company:
Just like the other vendors you are contracting with, it is important to find a company that is known for the quality of their equipment and the reliability of their staff. Ask those closest to you for recommendations in addition to referrals from your florist or local wedding network.

Before You Go:
100_6165 • Create a “wish list” of what you would like to reserve: Refer to your other vendor contracts for what they do and don’t provide as a starting place.
• Be ready to pay a deposit: This is traditionally one third of the total package price.
• Be prepared to spend a chunk time: This is the time to really focus on your bridal vision and get creative. Be ready to ask a lot of questions.

Other Tasks for This Week
• If your invites have arrived, send them out as soon as possible to allow out of town guests time to plan.
• Set up your wedding registry
• Pick out wedding bands
• Rent or buy Groom and attendants attire

Sarasota Brides Check Out These Vendors:

Rental Companies

Rental Companies