How to Enjoy a Stress-Free Valentine’s Day

Passionate Love by Beneva Flowers

Passionate Love by Beneva Flowers

Valentine’s Day is only a week away! Since this year’s holiday falls on a Sunday, some additional planning may be required for shoppers who like wait until the last minute.

Some choose to go all out for Valentine’s Day with elaborate, well-thought-out plans devised weeks in advance. But for many others, the stress of shopping for your Valentine increases with each second that brings you closer to the big day – especially if you don’t know where to start.

Fortunately, Beneva Flowers is here to help!

This special day means different things to different people, but above all else, it’s an opportunity to let those you love and care about know how much they mean to you. To many people, giving a great and meaningful gift on Valentine’s Day isn’t always easy – especially when they’re crunched for time and trying hard to fulfill expectations. On this day of love and romance, the last thing you want to do is disappoint someone who may have been expecting something else.

There are a lot of enticing offers out there. We’re bombarded with them daily on the radio and on television, but oftentimes those “deals” are in fact ordinary and impersonal. Sure, they may fulfill your goal of buying a gift, but does that gift truly convey how you feel about the recipient? Does it show the thought and attention you put into choosing a special gift, or does it suggest that you panicked and scrambled at the last minute?

It’s the thought behind it that counts

The most important thing to remember when finding the perfect gift is to not to overthink it or try to do too much. Quality is more important than quantity, and the key here is finding something special and out of the ordinary, to help show the recipient you care enough to go the extra mile.

There are so many options out there for flowers this Valentine’s Day, but where you buy those flowers makes a big difference. Presentation and visual appeal are the little things that go a long way in making a good bunch of flowers look great.

Having an experienced professional florist by your side – one who personally designs and hand-delivers your flowers – guarantees an outstanding personalized gift for your Valentine, all while making you look good at the same time!

So don’t stress out this Valentine’s Day. Leave it to us to create something special, something that is sure to exceed expectations next Sunday. Be sure to watch the video below to see the difference we can make!

How is shopping local the same as shopping out of town?

Make Beneva Flowers your one-stop shopping destination for all your floral needs – anywhere in the country. Why take chances shopping anywhere else when you can shop locally with someone you know and trust? Take the guesswork out of your next out-of-town order with our unconditional guarantee, and think local the next time you need to send flowers out-of-town.

Bursting with Freshness – Beneva Cooler Cam


We’ve placed a live camera inside our cooler so you can choose the perfect arrangement from our freshest selection of flowers. Visit and choose a number and order the arrangement in the camera marked with the matching number and we’ll pull it out and deliver it to you right away. Don’t ever worry about the freshness of your arrangement or what it’ll look like!

Announcing our “Be Mine” Video Valentine Contest

Valentine’s Day is the time of year when you express how you really feel to those close to you. What better way to do that than with a romantic video! By entering Beneva’s “Be Mine” Valentine Video Contest you can make this Valentine’s Day extra special for your loved one.

Simply create a video message asking your would be Valentine to “BE MINE,” remember to be creative, sincere and loving! All registered members of will have the opportunity to not only submit a video but also vote for the very best. You may only vote for each entry once. So get your family and friends over to and sign up to vote!
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Boxed Flowers Ordered Online

At Beneva Flowers presentation and customer satisfaction is very important to everyone here. That’s why we were amazed when it was brought to our attention how our competition from the “Big Name” online companies send out their product. Sure they offer discount prices for what appears to be beautiful arrangements. However once you watch this video you might begin to realize how much love and care local florist put into their products and that maybe that online price isn’t really a deal after all.