Secret Santa Gifts that Raise the Bar

secret santa giftsTis the season of gift giving, and we’ll spend countless hours walking the malls, browsing websites, and wracking our brains trying to figure out how to give gifts that they will love – and that aren’t too predictable. Secret Santa exchanges can be intimidating, because you may not know the recipient too well – and besides, who wants to keep giving the same old gifts? This year, Beneva Flowers is here to rescue you, with an assortment of gifts that will delight and surprise them.

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The Legend of the Poinsettia Flower

poinsettia flower

The Christmas season has many of its own sights and sounds, and none is more recognizable than the classic Christmas flower, the poinsettia. When we begin to see this vibrant red bloom adorning shopping malls, corporate lobbies and lining the streets, we can be sure that the holiday has arrived. While you may be familiar with the flower itself, you may not know why it is so closely associated with the holiday. Here at Beneva Flowers, we love everything about this time of year, and so thought we would share the legend of the poinsettia flower with you.
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